Architects, Engineers, and Construction


IT Services for the Architects, Engineers, and Construction Industries are always changing. At Coulson Technologies we have made a long-term commitment to assist the Architects, Engineers, and Constructions sectors of the AEC community. Our focus on the systems, processes, and applications allow us to understand many of the internal nuances that have given us a deeper understanding and knowledge. Advancements in generative design, automation, end-to-end solutions push the boundaries of your organization and team. Rely on us to ensure your systems and staff can do what they do best, and leave the rest to us.

a problem in your AutoDesk application? Stop trying to figure out how to get it to work. Call the team that has experitise in the AEC Industry. We have worked with 4Ds Max, VRay. We have also work with leading manufactures of high end servers and equipment such as BOXX, Amazon, HP, Dell. We have also helped other rendering studios with using cutting edge software like Vray, Deadline, Inventor, Revit, AutoCad and more.

We Know What Matters Most

We understand that each area of expertise requires specialized knowledge. At Coulson Technologies we focus on making sure your tools are razor sharp. Applications should work when you want them, updating should be done automatically in the background. Issues should be resolved proactively and automatically where ever possible. We ensure that the systems and applications are available and ready so your staff focus on work.

Information Models

  • Asset Information Model (AIM)
  • Building Information Model (BIM)
  • Project Information Model (PIM)

Hardware: The Core To Any Software

Hardware is vital in order to run applications. This is an area we found that money is well spent on high-performance machines. Over the years we have found that certain hardware works better than others. Many organizations underestimate the hardware requirements for software. The Coulson Technologies team have helped many AEC clients review existing hardware and upgrade or replace only when needed.

Our team is experienced in high-performance, high-end hardware that allows your applications efficently, and without any issues. This allows your staff to be as productive as possible. We are experts at squeezing the most out of the hardware and to give your organization the competitive advantage, getting more done with less.


  • BOXX - High Performance Workstations and Servers
  • HP - High Performance Workstations and Servers
  • Dell - Workstations and Servers
  • Renderin Servers and Render Farms
  • Large Format Printing and Scanning

Software: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

We focus on high-end software used by Architectural, Engineering, and Construction firms. We continue to educate our team through vendor webinars, product demonstrations, and hands-on products and demos. Our team works closely with each vendor to identify and utilize the ideal setup for each client. As all clients needs are different, so too are the software configurations.

Stop Worrying about your systems, software, loss of productivity, system crash, or system corruption. Our focus of putting systems and process in place help us automate as much as possible, proactively address any issues, and stay ahead of hardware and system downtime.

Peace of Mind knowing our experienced knowledgeable staff can handle your issues quickly, and efficiently.


  • Autodesk - 3DS Max
  • Autodesk - AutoCad
  • Autodesk - Revit
  • Autodesk - Fusion 360
  • Autodesk - BIM 360
  • BlueBeam
  • Bently
  • Newforma
  • AWS Thinkbox - Deadline
  • Chaos Group - V-Ray
  • Amazon - Deep Learning
  • Microsoft Azure - Cognitive Toolkit
  • Google - Tensorflow

Partner Success

We have helped abSketches and his team build a inhouse rendering farm utilizing the latest industry leading software used on Avatar, Harry Potter, Transforms: Darkside of the Moon.

Today abSketches is now minutes what has once taken hours and sometimes days to accomplish.

abSketches - Visual Marketing Company

Valuable Asset To Our Team!

Coulson Technologies is a professional, thorough, and available IT company in an arena that is often times flooded with incompetence. Coulson Technologies took the time to learn our industry-specific software and have become a valuable asset to our organization. No other IT firm would have done this. If you are looking for someone to not only set you up but manage your IT services and truly be an asset to your team, give Coulson Technologies a call!

Customer Testimonials
Anthony Billet

President & Design Director

abSketches - AEC Visual Marketing

F.C. Intrieri Construction Co., Inc.

Responsive And Cost Effective!

The single biggest benefit of using Coulson Technologies's, Coulson Care plan is not having to worry about our systems, updates, backups, etc.

They are better than other IT firms due to their responsiveness and willingness to provide cost effective options.

Coulson Technologies is the IT firm to go with if you would rather spend your time running your business without worrying about IT and the associated costs.

Customer Testimonials
Frank C. Intrieri III


F.C. Intrieri Construction Co., Inc.

Partner Success

We were called in to help Frank on a multitue of things. Frank is now able to synchronize email across any device he chooses. The F.C Intrieri team also now able to work remotely, on the job site, home, or anywhere in the world and still access office resources

Frank knows that when Coulson Technologies is looking after the equipment, he doesn't have to. This allows him to focus on what matters most, his business.