SJ 34 signed into law – Your Search History is for Sale.

It is a sad time for the internet and the millions of users.

Internet service providers no longer need to report on data breaches and can sell your personal information and search history without your consent.

On Monday 4/3/2017, President Trump signed into law SJ 34 (1), which nullifies consumer protection act, implemented in 2016 affecting internet service providers and telecommunications companies.

Here is what the bill does:

  • Does not require internet access service or telecommunications (cell phone providers) to share your confidential information. This includes demographics, search history, etc.
  • Does not require security and breach notifications if your accounts have been compromised.
  • Allows ISPs to provide additional service in exchange for your personal information, without your consent. This is for financial gain of the ISP and does not require them to disclose information or require customers consent.

Our recommendations:

  • Be very careful when submitting personal information or data. That information can be sold and may even be used against you one day.
  • Use a VPN when remote, traveling or anywhere outside the office or home.
  • Review your organization’s computer use policy. You are responsible for what your staff searches for.
  • Do not search or provide personal information to websites.
  • Contact your congress or senate representative.

The rule published on December 2, 2016: (1) applies the customer privacy requirements of the Communications Act of 1934 to broadband Internet access service and other telecommunications services, (2) requires telecommunications carriers to inform customers about rights to opt in or opt out of the use or the sharing of their confidential information, (3) adopts data security and breach notification requirements, (4) prohibits broadband service offerings that are contingent on surrendering privacy rights, and (5) requires disclosures and affirmative consent when a broadband provider offers customers financial incentives in exchange for the provider’s right to use a customer’s confidential information.