Aerial Services

Are you looking to wow potential clients with aerial video or photography? Or do you have a drone in need of repair? We’re FAA Part 107 Certified as a Remote Pilot for UAS systems and ready to help with any of your aerial needs.

Commercial and Recreational

We can provide our consulting experience and allow you to add drone capabilities to your business. We also work with local recreational groups to introduce aviation to the community. Through build workshops, tandem training and simulators we are laying the foundation for the next generation of aviation.

Drone Consulting and Repair

Looking to purchase your own drone? Hire our consultant to help you choose a model and show you how to use it. While Part 107 certification is required for commercial purposes, the recreational use of drones is allowed. You can also learn more about what you can and cannot do with drones (we’ll keep you from getting into trouble!).

Scanning and Mapping

We are able to utilize drone photography to provide you with a fully modeled object. Volumetric scanning by drones also allows us to estimate the amount of material in a pile.

Aerial Photography & Video

Looking for a different perspective for your next project? Look no further. Reduce risks and cost by using remotely piloted aircraft to capture aerial video and photography.

Post Production

We have the skills and expertise to take your aerial video/photography and make it into a fully featured video for your website or promotional needs.